We help militarymen and civilians in Ukraine to receive psychological support through our cognitive psychology IT product

About Us

The HappyMind team, with the support of and companies, has created a special online trainer for self-improvement of mental health for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians affected by Russian military aggression. If you have come to the HappyMind website, you are likely concerned about your mental health. And this is completely normal, as even before the war, 80% of the world’s population suffered from depression and stress. Even in developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, only 30% of population with psychological difficulties receive psychological help, while in developing countries the number is no more than 3%. Simple and at the same time highly effective exercises can significantly reduce the level of depression, stress, anxiety, burnout, intrusive thoughts, and sleep disturbances.

How it works

By choosing from the list of mental difficulties, you will see a complex of several exercises. The exercises are deliberately repeated to address different mental difficulties so that you can develop the necessary habit in working on your mental health.
It is believed that to acquire a new habit, it needs to be repeated every day for a period ranges from 21 days to 6 weeks. However, psychologist Phillippa Lally from University College London conducted an experiment where participants took an average of 66 days to develop a new habit. Some people only took 18 days, while others took as long as 245 days.
In any case, we recommend doing our exercises every day for at least 3 weeks. If you take a break, don’t worry, just continue doing the exercises, and you will definitely achieve positive results.

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