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05.09.23. Suspilne TV. Special ether

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In the news marathon, UNITED NEWS

“Officer of the soul” is how psychologists have come to be called in wartime. They help soldiers at the front and civilians in the rear to master their emotions. The number of visits to psychologists has increased many times compared to the pre-war period, and thus there is a shortage of specialists.

Using the trainer, Ukrainian teenagers can independently and free of charge work out and eliminate their anxiety, insomnia, stress, as well as other psychological difficulties and problems.

Because of the war, many of us experience mental health problems, so the HappyMind.Help team of specialists has created a trainer for self-improvement of psychological health for military personnel and their families, refugees and IDPs, schoolchildren and young people affected by military operations in Ukraine.

Ukrainians will need psychological stability after the war, just as they need physical, fire, and defensive stability during wartime. Will veterans be ready for the fact that everyday peaceful life will no longer be as full of gratitude to them as it was in the Great War? After all, the cult of a veteran, a participant in hostilities, is still being formed, and not all soldiers feel waves of love and hear applause when they come home from the front.

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