Hi! I'm your companion on the road to happiness!


My name is Happy Mind. I am unique chatbot that help you to take first steps to your mental health for FREE.

I use proven, effective methods to offer you the best advice and solution to your mental problems. These methods are the most advanced, supported by researches that successfully deal with depression, stress, phobia, anxiety, behavioral disorders and personal problems for more than several decades, solve psychosocial problems, form a positive vision of the future. You can learn more about the high efficiency of my methods here.

How do I work?

1. Start a chat with me
I'm a chat bot that works in Facebook Messenger app.
Take the first steps for FREE!
2. Follow my exercise instructions
To make sure you become happier, I offer you to go through simple yet effective exercises:
Correct Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, Healthy Sleep, Happiness Exercises, Fighting Apathy, Fighting Bad Thoughts etc.
3. Practice exercises daily
Starting the day by doing at least one of my exercises is proven to improve a person’s mood in over 60% of the cases!
4. Start feeling happier!
After 1-2 weeks of daily practicing my exercises, you will see your anxiety levels decrease as you start feeling more content with life!


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International office
email: info@happymind.help
web: www.happymind.help
03058 Ukraine, Kyiv,
Str. Mashynobudivna, 8, of. 150