Our courses are unique. We used the experience of the most successful therapists, that several decades researched and put into practice CBT methods for successful fighting with mental problems. Read more about the effectiveness of CBT here.

We are also confident in the effectiveness of these exercises, as we check it by ourselve. We also made a unique combination of useful exercises that incorporate various techniques, such as: Meditation, Mindfulness, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Time Management, Yoga, Correct breathing, etc., to maintain your good mental health for a long time.

We thought of the most effective way to cooperate with users, using a very convenient and handy tool like a chatbot, that is always with you, can make useful tips and reminders and is always ready to help.

The 15 days basic FREE course is a chance that we give you to feel better, so that you can believe in yourself and begin the path to your wellbeing and happiness.
5 basic exercises are the first steps to improve your mental health:
Correct Breathing – teaches you to quickly calm down and oxygenate your body.
Simple Meditation – improves brain function, reduces stress and improves concentration.
Healthy Sleep – reduces depression, improves your schedule.
Serotonin Warm-up – increases serotonin in the body, which strengthens the will, motivation and improves mood.
Stop ANXIETY! – helps to successfully deal with anxiety!

A universal set of 10 very effective exercises that will allow you to maintain your mental health for a long time.
In addition to the 5 basic exercises, you will get 5 more special exercises :
Fighting Bad Thoughts – one of the main and extremely effective exercises to combat mental problems.
Muscle Relaxation – relieves anxiety and stress, reduces muscular tension, spasms and pain in the neck and the back.
Visualization – helps to relax and reduce stress.
Fighting Apathy – helps to activate and start living a full life again.
Mindfulness – will teach to live here and now, and relieve the anxiety about yesterday or tomorrow.

A unique personal chatbot in which exercises are compiled directly for your psychological problems.
In addition to the 10 standard exercises, we provide additional effective exercises that will help maintain your mental health and move along the path to happiness for a long time.
Also Premium subscription allows you to receive automatic updates with new effective exercises.

Do not hesitate and ask any questions:

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