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To make the course the most effective I use proven exercises with different variations:

  • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) methods (see below)
  • exercises to increase the level of “happiness” hormone Serotonin in your brain
  • mindfulness, meditation for finding harmony and relaxation
  • correct breathing to saturate the body with oxygen and deal with stress
  • healthy sleep to restore vitality
  • and other

For more than 40 years CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) method is successfully fighting with depression, stress, phobia, anxiety, behavioral disorders and personal problems, solve psychosocial problems, form a positive vision of the future. For example, in the cases of depression (excl. the most hard cases) this method is equal by efficiency to drug treatment (Сraighead, Сraighead & Ilardi, 1998 etc). CBT method is the most spread in USA and countries of Western Europe. CBT is the most demanded and the least financially expensive because it relates to short-term methods of treatment (CBT course –  from 1 to 6 months, comparing with minimal course of  traditional psychoanalysis of 2 years).

In Germany, among all the methods, CBT is the priority method in universities. To get the state certificate of psychologist with the right of billing through insurance companies, specialist needs to have basic training in CBT. Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, systemic family psychotherapy, despite being popular, are yet recognized as complementary specializations. And in USA CBT is recognized as the most effective and popular method nowadays.

Happy Mind allows to improve the mental health in comfortable and accessible way, being anonymous and without help of the third party (psychologists or psychotherapists).

Happy Mind allows you to quickly take the first steps to improve the mental state on a Freemium system. With the support of the state, psychological assistance can be provided free of charge or at special prices for educational, social, medical and military organizations.

Happy Mind helps to get rid of such common mental issues as:

  • depression and dysthymia
  • general stress
  • anxiety disorders
  • eating disorders
  • insomnia
  • personality disorders
  • anger and aggression
  • criminal behaviors
  • phobias (agoraphobia, social anxiety etc.)
  • chronic pain and fatigue
  • PTSD (war-affected people, forced migrated people, refugees, victims of violence, victims of disasters etc.)
  • distress due to general medical conditions
  • distress related to pregnancy complications and female hormonal conditions
  • manias (kleptomania, gambling addiction etc.)
  • attention deficit disorder
  • behavioral problems (bad habits, aggression, interpersonal conflicts, apathy) and many others
  • somatoform disorders
  • other mental illnesses.
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