Here is how I helped people! 

Dorothy, 34
“My work is super stressful and I’ve had hard time trying to concentrate on myself and my life. For several years I had sleep issues and nothing could help but pills. When I started chatting with HappyMind, it was so calming, like I finally got a friend who could give me a solid advice! I did his exercises daily and it cured my insomnia! I have even become a morning person thanks to HappyMind!!”

Ben, 41
“I’m a C-level executive and hundreds of people depend on me in my company. All this responsibility, sleepless nights, and long hours have taken its toll on me. A year ago I was facing depression and sought the help of a therapist. It was effective but I also wanted to have somebody to talk to  when I wasn’t around my doctor. I found HappyMind last month and it’s amazing. I chat with the bot even at work when I experience stress. It does help to release tension.”

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