How Do I Work?

How do I work?

1. Start a chat with me
I’m a FREE chat bot that works in Facebook Messenger app.
You don’t need to pay any fee or download third-party apps, just chat with me in the Messenger!
2. Follow my exercise instructions
To make sure you become happier, I offer you to go through a set of 6 simple yet effective exercises:
Correct Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, Healthy Sleep, Happiness Exercises, Useful & Useless, and Automatic Thoughts.
3. Practice exercises daily
Starting the day by doing at least one of my exercises is proven to improve a person’s mood in over 60% of the cases!
4. Start feeling happier!
After 1-2 months of daily practicing my exercises, you will see your anxiety levels decrease as you start feeling more content with life!

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